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Go Behind the Scenes with Goldie B.

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

From singing into spoons with her sister to starring as Goldie in Goldie B. Locks & the Three Bears, her passion and presence fill any screen or stage. Amanda Lauricella shares her thoughts on opera, following your passions, and never giving up below:

CRO: What made you first fall in love with music?

AL: My earliest memory of falling in love with music was performing full musicals with my two older sisters in our childhood bedroom, singing along with the CD soundtrack. We would often wear costumes and invite our parents to watch us. I remember how thrilling it felt to embody a character through music, even as a kid! CRO: What made you fall in love with opera? AL: I first fell in love with opera when I performed my first opera role as Mabel in The Pirates of Penzance. To me, opera is simply another form of storytelling. CRO: What other activities/passions did you have as a kid? AL: In addition to singing, I also played the trumpet, performed in school plays, and loved to play soccer.

CRO: Any other tidbit you want kids to know?

AL: Growing up, I never thought I could have a job as a singer! I was never cast as a lead role in my high school musicals and often thought I just wasn't good enough. If you really love to do something and work hard at it, you can do anything you want! (Also, I still get SO nervous before every performance!)

CRO: How has working on an opera intended for film been different than rehearsing for a live opera?

AL: Working on an opera intended for film is a little like preparing to perform in a really big hall--it forces you to make everything bigger and more readable from far away. It has particularly encouraged me to exaggerate the physicality of the character, especially when it comes to comedic moments, since storytelling through film is such a visual experience.

CRO: What was your favorite moment of rehearsal and/or filming Goldie B.?

AL: In between rehearsals, I have had so many instances of stomach-hurting laughter with my stage partner, Jude Balthazar (Peek), while running lines. Thanks for all of the laughs, Jude! Catch Amanda's adorable performance in Goldie B. Locks & the Three Singing Bears - streaming on demand January 15 through March 31!


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