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Enrich your relationship with Cedar Rapids Opera by making a donation to support our operations or endowments:


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous supporters whose contributions fuel the passion and creativity of our performances in our 26th season!

But we can't do it alone - We invite you to join us in bringing the magic of opera to life by becoming a donor today. Your support ensures that Cedar Rapids continues to thrive as a hub of artistic excellence.

Season 26 Donors:

Donations received from 9/1/23-8/31/24



Carol Hills

Mary Susan Taylor

Mark and Tracy Zimmerman



Nile S. and Lois B. Dusdieker

Virginia Michalicek

Sallie Streib

Beth Swaney



Ronald Reider

Mary Ann Kucera

Deb and Charlie Kucera



David and Mary Jo Rater

David Caves

Scot Brown

Joan and Peter Riley

James Beranek

Robert F and Bertha M Tribuno

Christine and James Walters

Michael and Melinda Weaverling

Charles Jacoby

Betty Debban

Keith and Cheryl Krewer

David Chadima

Susan Wolverton

Marc & Joni Wallace

Deb Jurkowski

Kenneth E Baughman

Kristen Wilcox



DNE Caplan Family

Mark & Corenne Liabo

Abbott B and Joan M Lipsky

John and Ann Persick

Hope Solomons

Curtis Cox

Jenni Hummel

Catherine Payvandi

Patrice and Thomas Carroll

Lisa Doom

Anna & Jim Barker



Jim Eichhorn

Kathryn Franzenburg and William Davis

Lora Schmoll

John and Ellen Buchanan

Ruth Spieker

Stephanie Michalicek

Libby Slappey and Charles Crawley

Nancy and Tom Lackner

Chad Sonka



William and Susan Jones

Denise Klemp

William Goeddel Jr

Jean Deasy

Mary C Kelley

Steven & Vicki Ciha

Charles & Mary Sue Vernon

Donald Klingenberger

Nancy Hagen and Jonathan Thull

John and Karen Brandt

Melissa Summers

David Judisch 

Marcia and Cedric Lofdahl

Kissy and Charlie Heins

Louis A Harvieux

James and Nancy Lamorgese

Michael Egel

Mark Ogden

Ekhard and Wendy Ziegler

John and Kathleen Gass

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